• Image of Mechanical Tides CD

It’s been an accomplishment for us to complete the recording of our debut album and work with people that we never thought we’d have the opportunity to create music with, and it’s an honour to sign with Season of Mist and to be part of such an eclectic label and team. We would like to take this opportunityto issue a formal volume warning with our forthcoming album, and Corrupt Moral Altar takes no responsibility for the end of the world. Seriously though, we are looking forward to touring the hell out of this record and ruining ourselves in the process. If you have seen our shows, keep coming. If you haven’t seen our shows, we are just getting started and you will soon.”

01 Father Tongue
02 Blood Harmony
03 Die Glocke ft. Jeff Walker (Carcass)
04 Line Check
05 Wire Mother
06 Gin Dreams
07 Closed Casket
08 Sweet Talk
09 Admit Defeat ft. Mitch Harris (Napalm Death)
10 Garland Greene ft. Jeff Walker (Carcass)
11 River Blind
12 Black Chapter
13 Insect Politicians